Building a creative community in Washington DC

If you’re a creative in Washington DC, then CreativesDC is just for you: “A beta community of free agents, entrepreneurs and creatives in DC, crowdsourcing places, events and scenes that inspire conversation.”

CreativesDC launched July 11, 2008 with two ‘gatekeeper’ members organizing a kickoff party on July 23. ┬áVia the viral loop word of mouth system, the community has reached over 600 members one year later, with six events spawning crowdsourcing initiatives, such as a triple bottom line live music nightclub.

What’s the point? One longtime wistful request of the innovators in DC has been a forum to meet one another, even collaborate. What CreativesDC provides is not only an opportunity to provide that, but the means to create, as stated, the actual places (eg a design-oriented coworking site), events (eg monthly happy hours) and scenes (eg an active daytime entrepreneurial population) that represent those collaborations – via its groups. This can easily be replicated in other cities.

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